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Oral Cancer is one of the most severe oral conditions known to man. It is characterized by a cancerous growth in the soft tissues of the oral cavity, such as the gums, inner soft lining, palate, etc. The only foolproof method of determining the presence of cancer is by undergoing an oral cancer screening test.

Dr. Tebbi has treated several patients with oral cancer over his long-spanning career. He suggests his patients undergo an oral cancer screening at regular intervals (preferably once a year) in order to spot the early onset of cancer and treat it at the earliest.

How does one develop oral cancer?

Oral cancer is most often caused due to chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Tobacco contains hundreds of carcinogens that could affect the soft tissues when they come in contact with them. In some cases, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to oral cancer. Also, prolonged exposure of the oral cavity to harmful radiations, such as infrared and UV, can cause oral cancer.

Signs and symptoms of oral cancer

  • A cancerous growth on the soft tissues of the mouth. Visually, the infected tissues are darker or lighter than the surrounding ones.
  • Warts or lesions that are quite painful.
  • A thick, fat growth of unwanted tissues under the soft lining of the mouth that would pain when pressed.
  • White blisters on the gums and soft lining.
  • Bleeding and release of pus from the infected tissues.
  • When the food comes in contact with the infected tissues, it would pain and lead to a burning sensation.

How is oral cancer screening carried out?

If you feel you have a suspicious growth of tissues in your mouth or develop an oral infection that wouldn’t subside even after taking medication, see your dentist immediately. Undergoing oral cancer screening would help to determine whether or not you have oral cancer. For this, we use a device called a CDx to extract the suspicious tissues. A VELscope is used to analyze it and to determine the presence of cancer.

We also conduct a visual examination. But, in order to view the inner part of the oral cavity, such as the larynx and pharynx, we would use an intraoral camera. Through the data obtained from all these tests and diagnosis, we would determine the presence of cancer. If tested positive, further action would be taken by drawing out a customized treatment plan to get rid of cancer.

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