Supra-Crestal Fiberotomy


There are thin fibers in the gum tissue that connect between the teeth and jawbone. After undergoing orthodontic treatments to straighten your teeth, these fibers will act like rubber bands, undoing the orthodontics by slowly pulling the teeth back to their natural position. This is particularly true for teeth that were rotated (twisted) during orthodontic care.

A fiberotomy is a procedure to release these fibers. Fiberotomies are commonly performed toward the end of orthodontic treatment.

Procedure: Your orthodontist and periodontist will carefully determine which teeth are subject to repositioning.

During the procedure, your periodontist moves around the full circumference of each of these teeth, gently detaching the fibers from the gum tissue.

Fiberotomies are non-invasive, predictable procedures that greatly help to preserve the results of straightening.

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