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Sports Guards and Sports mouthguards at Dr Daniel Tebbi DMD, Cosmetic Dentist in Encino

Sports mouthguards (also termed athletic mouthpieces, football protectors, or spelled "mouth guards" using two words) are plastic dental appliances which when worn can help to protect the hard and soft tissues of the mouth from damage caused by traumatic blows and collisions. The value of an athletic mouthguard simply cannot be overstated. It's been estimated that as many as one third of all injuries treated by dentists are sports related. It's also been estimated that during any single season an athlete participating in a contact sport runs about a 10% chance of experiencing some sort of orofacial injury (injury of the tissues or structures in or around the mouth).

If you, or your kids play sports, you need a properly fitted sports guard to protect against damage to your teeth and dental work. After all, a single blow to your mouth can easily cause tooth fracture, tooth dislodgement, or damage to your crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, or dental implants.

All it takes to protect your teeth is one simple, painless visit. There are no needles, no drugs, and no tools in your mouth. Even better, no X-rays are required. To find out how sports guards can protect your teeth, please contact our Encino office today.

Mouth guards are crucial pieces of equipment for any child participating in potentially injurious recreational or sporting activities.

Fitting snugly over the upper teeth, mouth guards protect the entire oral region from traumatic injury, preserving both the esthetic appearance and the health of the smile. In addition, mouth guards are sometimes used to prevent tooth damage in children who grind (brux) their teeth at night.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) in particular, advocates for the use of dental mouth guards during any sporting or recreational activity.

How can mouth guards protect my child?

The majority of sporting organizations now require that participants routinely wear mouth guards. Though mouth guards are primarily designed to protect the teeth, they can also vastly reduce the degree of force transmitted from a trauma impact point (jaw) to the central nervous system (base of the brain). In this way, mouth guards help minimize the risk of traumatic brain injury, which is especially important for younger children.

Mouth guards also reduce the prevalence of the following injuries:

Cheek lesions


Gum and soft tissue injuries

Jawbone fractures

Lip lesions

Neck injuries

Tongue lesions

Tooth fractures

Some points to consider when choosing a mouth guard include:

How often does the child play sports?

What kind of sport does the child play? (Basketball and baseball tend to cause the most oral injuries).

Customized mouth guards – These mouth guards offer the greatest degree of protection, and are custom-made by the dentist. First, the dentist makes an impression of the child’s teeth using special material, and then the mouth guard is constructed over the mold. Customized mouth guards are more comfortable, orthodontically correct, and fully approved by the dentist. 

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