Myofunctional Orthodontics

More than 75% of children have a developing malocclusion which is evident from as early as 5 years of age.

The global demand for orthodontics without braces continues to grow. It’s an option that many parents and patients would prefer. Early myofunctional orthodontic treatment using MRC's appliances can address the causes of the malocclusion while the child is still growing - often without the need for braces or extractions.

Over the last one hundred years notable academics including Angle, Tweed, Frankel and Graber have shown that there is plenty of evidence that soft tissue dysfunction is the driving force behind malocclusion.

Understanding Soft Tissue Dysfunction

Practicing myofunctional orthodontics successfully requires a good understanding of soft tissue dysfunction. The principles behind soft tissue dysfunction are quite basic. If the tongue is resting naturally in the maxilla and the patient breathes through their nose, good arch-form normally follows. If the tongue is not resting in the maxilla and the patient breathes through their mouth, then the arch is more likely to be narrow, and crowding is likely to occur.

Myofunctional Orthodontics Appliance Systems

MRC has been able to achieve practical and cost-effective means of delivering advanced myofunctional correction for every child. The Trainer and Myobrace Systems™ will take pediatric orthodontic care into the future and will be the first preference for parents concerned about the growth and development of their children.

The treatment goal is NOT just to eliminate the malocclusion (although this is possible in many cases), but to decrease its severity, improve facial growth, decrease the need for extractions, and to improve the stability of any future orthodontic treatment.

* Information from the Myofunctional Research Co.

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