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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our goal, as a cosmetic dentist is to turn the average smile into a terrific smile! It's done by analyzing every aspect of the smile and then correcting the problems. All of the problems can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry.

Terrific smiles have six things in common:

1. The teeth are straight not crooked.

2. They're evenly spaced with no gaps.

3. They're white not stained.

4. The top teeth show when you smile but not the gums.

5. The gum line is smooth, not uneven.

6. The edges of the teeth smoothly follow the lower lip.

There are cosmetic procedures to solve any of these problems, so even if you weren't born with a beautiful smile you can still have one. Cosmetic dentistry doesn't just provide a beautiful smile; it improves the overall health of the body.

We are dedicated to making your smile our top priority! Part of our commitment to serving our patients is providing the utmost enjoyable and comfortable experience possible while visiting our office. Long range goals are discussed to understand exactly what you want for your oral health, and how we can help you achieve the smile you deserve.

We welcome patients to the benefits of a new and exciting paradigm in dental health care. Not only do we specialize in general, aesthetic, and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Tebbi has extensive training in biocompatible and holistic dentistry. This system employs biological techniques and mercury free materials to provide optimal dental and overall health to our patients.

Thank you for your time and interest in our office. Please browse through our website and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We hope that this site will be helpful in learning about our practice, procedures, treatments, and more. We look forward to your visit and helping you achieve a smile you can be proud of!

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