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Porcelain veneers, also known as porcelain laminates, are thin shells of porcelain which exactly fit over the front surfaces of the teeth. The veneers have the unique ability to completely mask unattractive stains while letting light through to appear entirely real. Like fake fingernails, they are affixed with an adhesive to the front surfaces of teeth.

When individuals suffer from cosmetic dental imperfections, it not only impacts their appearance, it can negatively affect their self-esteem and their desire to smile.Veneers are an excellent way to redesign and reshape your entire mouth. In placing these new veneers on your teeth, you are able to fix the look of issues such as staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and many other issues. Veneers are relatively maintenance-free and are much more durable than bonding. If very dark stains need to be masked or if existing porcelain crowns need to be matched, porcelain veneers may be the treatment of choice. Porcelain veneers can also correct misaligned, worn, short and uneven teeth.

In terms of the process to place veneers, it is a process that takes approximately two to three visits. In the first visit, we will discuss the new shape and look of what we are going to accomplish by placing the veneers. Once we have put a plan in place, we will carefully prepare the teeth for the placement of the new veneers. As we complete this piece of the process, the next step is to take an impression of the newly prepared teeth. This impression will be sent to our laboratory for the final product to be fabricated. We only utilize the highest standard laboratory for fabrication of all of our work. This process at the laboratory takes between 10-14 days. While the new veneers are being fabricated at the lab, we will provide you with a beautiful temporary solution to wear for this time.

As the veneers are finalized, we will make every effort to make sure that your new veneers will feel just like your natural teeth. We will bond them into place ensuring that you can enjoy your new smile for a very long time!

At Daniel Tebbi DMD Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics Dr. Tebbi and his staff believe that everyone deserves a glamorous smile that will give them the confidence they need to smile wide. We offer a number of treatments, including porcelain veneers, to our Encino Patients who are looking to boost their appearance. To learn more about what porcelain veneers can do for you, contact Daniel Tebbi DMD Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics.


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